Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Basement Office Makeover

I promised if I found more before pictures I'd post some of our room redos that didn't end up on the blog.  And, yes, in all my cleaning and purging of my computer files (moving forces you to clean and throw away A LOT!), I found some before pictures.

About a year and half ago, Kevin and I decided the "second kitchen" (I use that term loosely as it was never used as a kitchen, but more so as a storage area) needed to go.  We wanted to turn the space into a home office for us (combined with a workout area for moi).

We removed the cabinets and appliances and yet again removed tons of wallpaper.  We had the plumbing lines capped, but left them somewhat accessible in case we ever wanted to make a little bar area in the future (or in case the future owners wanted to access the water or drains). The biggest projects were painting (it's a large room) and adding flooring. 

Finally, we took the cabinets and painted a few of them with a fun stencil pattern and laid a countertop remnant on top of them.  

I'm still in love with that stencil pattern.  I've been brainstorming, trying to think of places in the new house I could use it.  Oh the possibilities are endless!

So here are the final pictures by the professional.  It's from a slightly different angle, but you get the idea :)


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