Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Final Part of our Roadtrip

Today I want to share with you the final part of our road trip -- which was a stop in Washington D.C. -- how appropriate for Election Day, right!?! (Don't forget to vote!!)

I have never been to DC -- but omygosh -- I LOVED it!  The buildings and monuments were just beautiful -- and they really gave me a sense of Patriotism.  It made me feel so proud to be an American and be so blessed to live in such a great country -- it really did.

We will hopefully someday return to visit out Nation's capital -- because there was just WAY too much to see in the amount of time we were there. 

Here's just a few pictures of our exploration of Washington D.C.:

I have to tell you this was the most AMAZING place.  For someone who just loves history; I could have spent about four days exploring the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History.   There was SO much information and SO many awesome artifacts that I literally could not take it all in.  There was nothing in this building that I didn't love (except for the fact that I lost my Metro Day Pass in there-- argh!)

I even got to see Julia Childs' kitchen:

 And of course we stopped to see The Capital building in the morning (you can see they were doing work on the front right side):

And although we didn't get to go inside this trip -- we did get to stand and stare at the majestic beauty of the National Archives Museum.  Apparently this building has the largest bronze doors in the world.  

We stopped to see most of the monuments and memorials -- these were my favorites:

The World War II Memorial was amazing -- especially at night.

The Lincoln Memorial was equally as beautiful.  We stayed to get some pictures at night, but the day we happened to be there was the day they were filming Transformers Three and they had lights and crew and actors crawling aaaaalll over the Monument and reflecting pool  -- so no good pictures -- sorry! :)

  Here we are outside the Lincoln Memorial (along with every other person in DC)

And finally -- our dusk shot of the Washington Monument.

Okay -- well that's the end of the vacay pics -- thanks for letting me share our adventure with you guys! :)  

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