Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Historic Places from our Road Trip

Last week I shared with you a few pictures from our road trip  -- and today I get to share some more! :)

I think you'll be able to tell from these pictures -- but I LOVE history.  I love learning new things about the history of our country and hearing stories of our ancestors' pasts.  So that being said, I'm going to show you some historic places we got to visit on our trip.  

The first historic stop we made was in Kentucky; we stopped at Lincoln's Birthplace.  I would definitely recommend this park to anyone who's going to be nearby.  It was really interesting to learn all about the Lincoln's story and see just where our President came from; a teeny tiny one room cabin.  And from there he became one of our greatest Presidents -- amazing.

And not too far from there is the Lincoln Museum and his childhood home.  

Inside this monument is their little one room cabin.

The next historic place we got to visit was by far one of my favorite places of our trip.  I will be back some day to explore more of this little city and learn more about our Nation's start.  Maybe you guessed it -- we visited Colonial Williamsburg.  I'm absolutely in love with this historic city.  I can remember being in grade school and wanting to visit this adorable little place ..... and I finally did. :) 

We were only able to stay here a day and a half -- but if I were to go back I think I could spend a whole week.  There was so much to do, see and learn.  We got to take a tour of the original courthouse (below) and see where so many decisions were made.  We also got to tour many of the famous homes that have been preserved or reconstructed.  

I've honestly NEVER been to a place even close to this -- it's so unique and full of character and personality -- if I lived nearby I'd buy myself a year pass and be there every week -- no lie! :)

Nearby Colonial Williamsburg is Yorktown and Jamestown -- which both have the same feel. 

This is our Country's very first capital -- although it has been reconstructed to look like the original, it's still amazing.

We even got to stay right in Williamsburg.  We tried out the Fife & Drum Bed and Breakfast -- LOVE this place.  It was just as charming as the city around it. 

There's just one more installment to come -- the final part of our Road Trip.  :)  So stay tuned!


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