Friday, October 8, 2010

The Story of our Sun Room

Last week I told you about how we were getting a new roof on our sun room and you  guys gave me some great ideas on how we can spruce up our room with some furniture and decor (THANK YOU!!)

Here's what our sun room looked like initially, with a glass ceiling:

Well they got the roof on last week -- and now I want to show you what our new ceiling looks like:

Definitely different, right?  I'm so excited to put some fun stuff in this room -- you guys will definitely be along for the ride. :)

This isn't the first change our sun room has ever received -- it's had quite a life so far!
In the beginning, there was no sun room.  It was just the brick patio outside our front door.  

But that all changed when I was 12 years old -- my dad built a stone wall around the brick patio.  It wasn't the first home improvement project we did, but it's one that always sticks out in my mind.  He let us help him use the concrete mixer, pick out the perfect stones and help him place them on the wall.  And we even put a time capsule IN the stone wall -- you know in case we ever sold the house to someone who decided to tear the sun room down.  Oh little did I know who the new owners would be!  It was an exciting summer for our house that year.

(Yes I'm completely embarrassed to be showing you this picture -- but in all fairness, I wasn't quite in my fashion prime -- heehee)

When he added windows, beams and the glass panels, it was done.  But, live and learn -- we all soon discovered that glass panels on a southern facing roof mean a scorching hot room in the summer.   So although it was sad to see my dad's hard work of beams and the glass ceiling come down -- it was nice to know that we'll be able to use the sun room even more now.

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holly said...

I just can't wait to see what else you do with the room. It looks so much more homey and cozy. I know you'll make it beautiful!

Karen said...

It will be exciting watching you deck it out!
You still have some wonderful natural light, just hopefully want be as hot.
Have a great weekend.

kathie said...

Love your story! How amazing to live in a home you grew up in... so special for everyone. I can't wait to see what you do with your new room :)

Tina said...

Great story. What a great transformation just by changing the ceiling. It will be a wonderful project to see unfold before our eyes. Looking forward to it.

Shanarun said...

How fun! To be in on it from the beginning.:) I look forward to the continuation.....

Melissa said...

What a fun journey - what a wonderful place to hang out - I will think that (if not say it) every time I look at this porch (I am a bit envious).

angiegirl71 said...

I have a sunroom and it doesnt get used like it should..desperate to get a makeover so very inspired to see what you do with yours.

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