Friday, June 11, 2010

Framed Letter Friday Reveal

Are you ready for the reveal on our "WISH" letters this week?  Me too -- but first I MUST say a quick "Thank you" to the sweet gals at Someday Crafts (this blog is amazing!) who were wonderful enough to feature my Pottery Barn Inspired Chandelier -- THANK YOU!! 


And now on to our letters....Lisa at the Pursuit of Happiness knew what the "W" was (that was the hubby's great eye there!) -- now here they all are:

W - Willow Tree Figurine

I - File Cabinet Handle

S - Napkin Holder

H - Patio Chair

And all that to make up:

I "WISH" you a wonderful weekend!! :)

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Tara@JustDevineStyle said...

How neat! I love the finished product. Funny what letters you can find looking around. Love the file cabinet "i" handles.

Debbie said...

Hello~~~I've been looking around at your blog and think it's really neat! LOVE the light you put together in your entry.
All of your projects look great!

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