Friday, June 25, 2010

Framed Letter Friday Reveal

A quick thank you to Lanie and her SUPER entertaining blog, Life in the Pitts, for featuring my little solar lights -- she's a crafty, yet really funny blogger, and you should definitely check her out.  Thanks, Lanie!!

We had some good guesses and a lot of right answers this week on the letters (sometimes the pics are just too obvious!)

Maria at You Craft Me Up was oh-so-close on the "E" (plus she totally gave me the idea to use a part from my chandelier in the future!)

Inspired by You guess was spot on this week on our "I" -- Woo Hoo!! :)  

Elizabeth at Habitually Crafty got the "wrought iron something" right for the "E" -- okay I couldn't resist -- it made me laugh!

Thanks for the guesses, Ladies -- and here's the answers

L:  Although it definitely looked like a photo frame, it was our railing for the stairs

I:  You guys guessed it!  It was a pull from a my recent lamp project.

V:  The Solar Light from the House Number Planter Box.

E:  Our "wrought iron something!"  It's a candle-hangy-thing that I don't really know what to do with -- I may be ditching it soon. Hmmmm.

All that to make up:

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One Girl said...

I like that 2 of your letters came from projects. i was thinking that if you're really ambitious you could write "Happy Birthday Becca" or "Happy Birthday Bestie" next time... only if the 6th landed on a friday.... oh well maybe next year :)

Bette said...

That's awesome! Now, I'm going to spend the whole evening looking for letters in my house!

Meg said...

This is so cool. I definitely would NOT see letters in those items you chose! You have a wonderful imagination! I love it. Great job!

M.O.T.B said...

This is fun. I enjoy your blog and am your newest follower. If you come visit you can enter my weeks worth of giveaways!

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