Monday, June 28, 2010

A Blogging Award?!?!

I am honored to be recognized by Emily over at Decorchick! with the Versatile Blogger Award.   Isn't she sweet?  I LOVE following her blog and reading all her bubbly comments -- so THANK YOU Decorchick!

According to the terms of the award, I have to tell you seven random things about myself. Well, hmmmmm -- this may be harder than I thought.

1. I've lived in five houses my entire life and they're all within a 10 miles of where I live now.
2. In high school, I was voted "most likely to cry at graduation" (I'm not sure if that's good or bad).
3. I'm always disappointed when I pour my final cup of coffee for the morning.
4. I get to work with my mom and dad every day at our family business, Zell Plumbing.
5. I will never get tired of watching reruns of "Friends".
6. I love a seeing a basket of clean, folded laundry -- I almost don't want to put it away.
7. I met the love of my life in high school and he still makes me laugh every day.

And now I pass on the award to seven new blogs I have recently discovered.

1. Becca at One Girl, One Beautiful World
2. Brandi at Tales of a Domestic Goddess
3. Katie at On the Banks of Squaw Creek
4. Lisa at The Pursuit of Happiness
5. Christin at Pregnant with Powertools
6. Heather at The Traveling Thirfter
7. Elizabeth at Habitually Crafty

Happy Monday to everyone!

4 Hand-Me-Downers Shared:

Decorchick! said...

Aww you are welcome Amanda!!

Traveling Thrifter said...

Ahhhh, for real? Totally honoured! I'm going to do the post later on today once the excitement from the award and head-rush from being ill and getting excited simmers...

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for the award! : )

Mel said...

Hi Amanda.

I'm visiting from Sunny's life in rehab. You've done some great things and that ballard knock off is to die for. Pure genius.

I'm a happy new follower.

Mel @ Junkin' Junky

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