Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Orange You Glad We're Making This Over??

Yes....we're very punny over here at the Hand Me Down House (hopefully you caught our corny joke!).

This very orangey light was one of the first things people saw when they came into our house....and well, it's VERY orange:

Are your eyes on fire like this lamp appears to be??

This "beauty" was from Target (my FAV store!) -- and well, as you can see it didn't really go with our decor.

So we took off the shade (just screwed off).  and pried apart the clasps that were holding each orangey plastic peice inside the frame.

I initially tried to pain the shade peices, but it made them too dark.

On to Plan B (does this happen a lot in your house?  It definitely does in ours -- or a Plan C).

PLAN B?  Vellum!

(I should note that we left our new light on for quite sometime with the velum in place to make sure we weren't going to oh, I don't know, burn our house down or anything.  Luckily, my Mister is more logical than me -- I never think of these things, and it's honestly a wonder I don't cause more house-project-gone-wrong-accidents).

Once I found the right pattern of vellum, it was simple enough as trace, cut and place:

And VIOLA!  Our finished product -- and for only a couple bucks!

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Traveling Thrifter said...
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Traveling Thrifter said...

Love the pattern it's would also be neat to try and rig a similar shade up to use at the top...kinda like a street light...not sure how you'd do this tho..and for fear it might get too hot you could always find a piece of that black metal you used on your PB light to go in between the two shades to let the heat out

Decorchick! said...

Wow that looks so great!! What a transformation! said...

oh my gosh, what a difference that made! great job.

Amber said...

What a great idea!
I love the name of your blog too! :)

KatrinkaJane said...

Fabulous idea! Your vellum choice is gorgeous.

Katie said...

Wow, it really does look a LOT better!

Becky said...

That looks GREAT!!! Good job!

Lacy said...

Great idea! We have a ceiling light/fan with the same orange glass(or whatever it is) and we've actually considered just replacing the whole light but I'm gonna try this idea first. Much cheaper!Fabulous!!!

ShannonAshley said...

Great Idea! So pretty!

Janet said...

Wow thats awesome. I always walk away from those lamps at yard sales and antique stores. I really like it.

I like your blog and this is my first time stopping by. I like what I see and am going to follow.

Thanks for checking out my kitchen.

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