Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Moen Arbor Kitchen Faucet

Alright, so you all know how much I want to redo our kitchen... and if you didn't know -- I want to redo my kitchen! :)

It desperately needs a cabinet makeover, new appliances and some new counter tops.  DESPERATELY needs.  While we're busy planning our makeover for a later date and time we make do with what we have.  It's not like it doesn't function -- it just needs some "prettying up".  I'm sure most of you can relate to this feeling.   

The folks at Moen must have read my mind and known I needed something pretty in my kitchen in the interim.   Perhaps someone over there saw my current kitchen faucet:

Moen was SO wonderfully kind and sent me a new AWESOME kitchen sink faucet.  It's gorgeous!  You want to see what they sent me to use and review?

GORGEOUS, right!?!  

The day I received my new faucet was a day we were going through a cable/phone/Internet transfer at our house (ugh!) and this was the absolute best "pick me up".  I waited all of two minutes before I decided I was installing it right away.  I just couldn't wait to use this lovely faucet. Seriously.

Now, some of you might know that I work for my family plumbing business.  And although this is the case, I'm no plumbing expert -- believe me!  

That being said, ANYONE can install a new faucet.  It's SO simple if you just follow the instructions.  And honestly, the hardest part is taking the old faucet out.  Ours happened to have some rusted bolts that gave me a GREAT workout trying to get them unstuck.   But, in the end I got the old faucet out without a hitch.  

Here's my faucetless sink.  A great idea when you're replacing your faucet is to give your sink a good thorough cleaning -- and be sure to clean underneath where your old faucet was.

The new one was almost TOO easy to install.  I kept thinking I was missing a step because it was such a breeze.  The instructions that Moen sent were wonderful! 

Once I had my base on I could add the faucet and run the water lines and post down underneath my sink.

Once the lines were connected and the faucet was secured to my sink, I was able to run the sprayer hose down through the faucet and connect the new sprayer head.

And do you want to know just how much I LOVE my new faucet?


The faucet is a dream.  It has a sprayer option to do dishes and the sprayer head also swivels around, making sink and dish cleaning a piece of cake. It also has a "pause" feature that stops water while the faucet is on, which makes filling pots and coffee makers SO easy.  

At first I was a little worried about the height -- I thought maybe it would splash a lot when using the sprayer -- but it absolutely does not.  The handle is in a very convenient spot (and you can chose a right or left handle mount when you install it) and doesn't get in my way or get bumped while I'm using the faucet.

Although Moen sent me this faucet for free, my opinion is completely mine.  I honestly LOVE this new faucet of mine (so much I keep telling my hubby to leave the dishes for me to do -- it's true).

What do you guys think?  

Thanks so much to the Moen team for letting me review this faucet and for giving me something pretty for my kitchen!

And if you're my friend on Facebook, you know that I promised a really exciting giveaway for this week.......come back later today and I'll be sure to spill the beans (it may be related to this post, hint hint).  :)

9 Hand-Me-Downers Shared:

RACKS and Mooby said...

What an aweseom freebie!!! SO lucky! It looks really nice. :)

Traveling Thrifter said...

Looks amazing Amanda....the perks of being an amazing blogger!

Jessica said...

I am so jealous! My kitchen desperately needs a meakeover also, especially the kitchen sink (and countertops, appliances, floors, etc!). You are one lucky lady!!

Paige (Final Clothes-Out) said...

Score! Free stuff is the best! I've been eyeing that same faucet myself, and I'm glad to hear it's as nice as it seems.

Something Nice and Pretty said...

It looks just wonderful and to install it yourself is really WONDERFUL!!!

michelle said...

What a great faucet!!! Nice job on the installation! I love that little things like this can spruce up a space!

Johnna said...

Lovely faucet!

Yvonne said...

Oh My Gosh!!! I love that faucet - it's the one I have been dreaming of! My faucent is so old fashioned - even your old one is more updated than mine! i love the tall "goose neck" on it - I can barely fill a pot or a pitcher with my current faucet. Love love love it! Lucky you!

Melissa said...

Yeah for new faucets.

Faucets really do make a difference not just with appearances but also with how much we enjoy the process of cleaning up the kitchen.

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