Saturday, September 25, 2010

What a Week! :)

This last weekend I had intended to get all kinds of home improvement and home decor projects started, worked on, finished and then share them with you bloggers.  Oh boy, did I have BIG plans for some areas of our house.  Buuuut, I don't know if you noticed I only got one little project completed this weekend (my painted sheet drapes).  So I thought I would share with you where I've been (and an important realization I had).

I'm a "get-things-done/don't-have-time-for-to-sit" type of person.  Although I think I'm pretty efficient with my time, I also ALWAYS have something going on and something I'm doing.  I like life that way. :)  But this last weekend I decided my cleaning could wait, my house projects could sit and my to-do list could stand still for a few days.  I enjoyed my whole weekend spending time with my two fantastic sets of grandparents and having coffees and dinners with girlfriends.  That's it.  I traded in my projects and crafts for some quality time with my family and friends.  What a great reminder it was to me that things can wait and how important the relationships with those I love are.  I think it's important to sometimes let go of the to-do list and enjoy the company of family and friends.

That's my lesson of the week. :)  Just kidding.

I would like to thank some wonderful blogs that featured some of my projects this week, too.  So a great big thank you to these fantastic ladies and their blogs:

Keeping It Simple

Just a Girl

Creations by Kara

Tatertos and Jello

One Pretty Thing (thanks so much to Rachel for several of her features this week!!)

And I'd also like to thank my WONDERFUL sponsors -- these ladies have some awesome, awesome, jewelry -- and I'm just honored that they have chosen to be my sponsors!

Be sure to check them all out -- they all have such unique treasures -- perfect for yourself or for gifts!

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Green Willow Pond said...

I am the exact same way Amanda! In fact, I will push myself until I am run ragged and am forced to quit for a few days. This is a great reminder for those of us who are always driven to do, do, do.

Becca at One Girl said...

Family & friends are so important! It's always great to go back to the basics and remember what is important in life (whatever it may be). We will all wait with bated breath to see what else you have tucked up your crafty little sleeve!

Tina said...

Your priorities are just right, my dear. Lovin on fam is so important. Blessings to you

Life in Rehab said...

You know what? GOOD FOR YOU!!! Sometimes I put on the parking brakes too.

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