Friday, July 15, 2011

Thank you, HomeGoods!!

Last weekend we gave our living room a little revamp (oh I cannot wait to show you!!).  One of the things we replaced was this rug:

The first picture of our living room with the floors installed in 2008

I actually LOVE this rug, it's so cushy and comfy on our wood floors.  We got it on sale at Home Depot years ago and it has held up pretty darn well in my opinion.  We were planning on keeping this rug in our living room, but it looked VERY funny and small with our new layout.  We needed something much bigger than our 5x8 size.

We had kind of already looked at a couple of stores and online in case we might have to replace the rug, but we hadn't found anything we liked.  On a whim we decided to stop in at HomeGoods to just see if they might have something we liked.  We didn't have anything in particular in mind, just something neutral but with a pattern.  And that's when we saw it.......

Please ignore the mess and just admire the beauty of the rug.....

It was chic and modern all rolled up into one glorious rug ..... seriously.  I wouldn't even leave that rug's side while Kevin went to find someone to roll it up.  I couldn't risk someone thinking it was as gorgeous as I did.   And you know that HomeGoods is always good for a deal....and this was no exception!  We stole bought this wool beauty for 65% off retail.

The best thing is the rug fit perfectly in the living room and it matches all the new furniture (post coming on that soon!!)

Oooh, sneak a peak of that chair!!!

Do you have a wool rug?  What's the best way to clean/maintain it??


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh Sectional!

So last week I told you about the perfect little sectional we found to go in our living room .....

Since falling in love with it, I've been looking at different sectionals and their coffee tables/ottomans.  Here are some that I love.....but I'm not sure what would look the best or be the most functional:

I love this ottoman (room designed by Candice Olsen), even though it's not a sectional around it, it's a pretty "square" room

I love this round coffee table with a nice square it looks like has drawers (courtesy of The Sweet Life Studio).

Here's another one that is kind of  interesting....two small square tables side by side...hmmmm (via bassett furniture)

Maybe an ottoman with some storage inside?? (from decorpad)

Here's a more modern round coffee table (west elm)

And here is my favorite idea (just different fabric on top and make it square).  I love that it's functional with storage under neath and comfy on top with a cushion and fabric:

What do you think???

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Do you remember our Master Bathroom???

 It may look cute, but a couple months ago we realized we had a small leak from our upstairs master bathroom into our basement bathroom's false ceiling.  Like bad homeowners we just waited for it to happen again without really inspecting the leaky area and well, it never leaked again -- until a month later when my ceiling was drenched.  Yes seriously dripping with water.  Wishing I had looked into our situation earlier I did what any good plumber's daughter would do and I opened up the ceiling and turned on the water upstairs.  No leak.....turned on just leak.....just cold no leak.....turned on the shower leak.  I was definitely getting my exercise running up and down the stairs.  Finally I pointed the shower head at the back wall of the tub to see if maybe there was a leak in the caulk.  Down the stairs I ran and stood underneath the open ceiling to see if I could find that leak.....and YES I did.  I was completely soaked from the water pouring out from upstairs.

Long story short -- in case you chose to skip my rambling story :)  Over half of all leaks in tile tubs and showers are from the grout and deteriorated caulk.  So before you call your plumber out to find the drain leak, be sure to check for cracks in the grout and caulk.

So here is a picture of what our neglected tile looked like -- and what the caulk underneath the shower door looked like -- gross, I know:

And since we needed to regrout we decided to get rid of our shower door circa 1983 and upgrade.  Good idea, right?

First step was to clean up that nasty caulk.  I used a caulk remover tool and a plastic scraper -- it worked like a charm.  It looks brand new now!! :)

While we were at Menards (currently our home away from home) picking up supplies to regrout we happened accross this door:

Sterling Shower Door in Bishop's Lace

A beauty, right???  I'm completely in love.  And sealing the deal was the clearenced out price tag -- that's right for a mere $80.00 we brought home this beautiful door.

The re-grouting was honestly easier than I thought, although it did take me a Saturday afternoon to do, I'm hoping I'll NEVER have to regrout this bathtub again. :)

Ahhhh!  So pretty now!

The door went in like a champ (we followed the confusing directions to a tee and didn't want to mess up, so the installation took us WAY too long).

And here is what our new master bathroom looks like.....

(Yes, we HAD to get new towels for our new door, right?).


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Living Room Inspiration

Since we've been looking at redoing our living room a little bit, I had to share some of the gorgeous living rooms I've seen in blog land and online -- get ready to drool:

From SoHaute Style

From House to Home

From DecorPad

From English Country Room Style

From My Home Ideas

From Mod Vintage Life

From House and Home

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