Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Adrienne's Nursery

One more "Before and After" before we move for you all :)  This has to be my favorite room in the house....but I'm a little biased.  Adri's room is by far the room that has gotten the most thought and planning.  I love her little nursery.  I have spent a lot of time in there.  Seriously.  There were some nights I was just waiting until she could sleep through the night.  Honestly though, there are some nights now that I want to go in and have a quick little cuddle with my girl.

From the moment we found out we were having a girl my mind was spinning with ideas for a nursery.  Seriously, that day we went and picked out paint colors.  I absolutely love the color pink, so I was in heaven.  Her nursery used to be our home office (pictured below).  I'm so embarrased that this was our office.  Seriously scary, right?  You'd think I would have snapped a shot of it clean at least.  Oh well, note to my 4 year younger self, right?

So we planned and planned and finally picked our colors.....Dazzleberry Pink and Cotton Candy Blue.  How could we not pick those colors for the name alone, right?

Here's the itty-bitty nursery with it emptied out:

And painted:

And with the new flooring (and proud daddy) all ready for some furniture:

I was so proud of the furniture finds in this room.  I Craigslisted for months, scouring the Twin Cities trying to find the perfect pieces for the nursery.  The rocker I got for $10.00 -- yes, $10.00.  It was barely used and the lady who sold it to me said her little boy was never into rocking.....crazy child! :)  I bought a little footstool off of Amazon for another $10.00.  I made the pillows with the left over fabric from the crib skirt and window valance.  Perfection.   And we have seriously gotten our use out of that rocking chair.

Then I found this dresser (it also has a mirror) and I knew it would make the perfect changing table (I was totally copying Young House Love for this).

I loved the idea of being able to use the changing table as a dresser in a few years.  Plus, the nursery is a really, really small room, and we didn't have space for both a changer and dresser.  I painted the base white, painted the drawer pulls and stained the top a lovely dark walnut.

 I also made drawer liners (out of wrapping paper and contact paper) and made it even more girly :)

I seriously love this dresser now.

/> And then came all the details for little Adrienne's room:

I am so sad to leave this room behind.  There was so much planning that went into it in anticipation of the best thing that has ever happened to us.  But I know our new house will hold many new memories and exciting moments.

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