The Hand Me Down House was created in April of 2010.  We are so excited that The Hand Me Down House is quickly and continuously growing and expanding.  We post about 3-5 times per week and participate in several wonderful link parties (listed in the sidebar).   You can also check out my "They Featured Me" tab at the top of my site to see where The Hand Me Down House has been featured.

Details of The Hand Me Down House's analytics:

  •    An average of 1,100 unique visits per day 
  •    An average of 2,194 page visits per day 
  •    65% of all visitors leave by way of an ad link
  •    Over 1,120 subscribers in Google Reader
  •    1,550 (and growing) Google "followers"
I am now able to provide any advertisers with a count of click-throughs from my blog to your website as well.  I can provide you with a report on a monthly or weekly basis.  

I offer a few different options for advertising:

Month to month advertising: with a square 125 x 125 ad on the sidebar. My current rates are as follows:

12 Months = $120.00
6 Months = $65.00
3 Months = $35.00
1 Month = $12.00

At the beginning of your advertising I would love to do a "welcome" post, introducing your website, store or service.  This post would be just about you and your site and direct my readers to your website.  

If you need help designing a button or banner, I can help you with that part too. 

Your own giveaway post: This option will bring lots of  traffic to your web page/store over the course of the giveaway. I will run the giveaway for 5-7 days to draw the most traffic to your site.  I will also enter your giveaway post in a few different link parties specifically for giveaways.  Giveaways are always free!! (Please note that I only do one giveaway at a time, so we may need to schedule your giveaway out)

Sponsor a Post: with your logo or button displayed at the end of posts. This option is $5.00 per post (we can discuss the nature of a specific post).  Because it's at the end of an individual post, your ad will be seen by all our readers who subscribe via email or Google Reader.

If you have another advertising idea, or want more information, I would love to hear from you! Please email me at

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