Thursday, May 6, 2010

The First Post! (And a brief history)

Well here we are....our first post about our house on our brand-new blog!

First things first....some introductions:

Amanda: I am the blogger in our pretty much all of what you read here will be my ideas, points of view, etc. My love for creating, transforming and crafting has been a long time in the making...and now I'm enjoying channeling that energy into our home.

Kevin: My partner in home-improvement crime! He's the more realistic thinker to my crazy-over-the-top-bite-off-more-than-I-can-chew ideas.

Ruby: Our Mascot -- and comic relief! Although we have our moments of naughtiness (at which time she is affectionately called "Rubert!"); our little Australian Terrier ignores most of our home projects by finding a quite spot in the house to sleep.

The Hand Me Down House:(read even more here)

Although this house may not be our dream-home yet, we knew it was something we could work with and transform exactly how we wanted.

Our lovely abode has been my home since I was ten years old. Of course after moving out on my own I never thought I would be living in that house again. I was glad to have a place of my own in a busy suburb with my neighbors so close I could hear their alarm clocks in the morning. It was the perfect place for one....but then add two! Kevin joined the living quarters along with all of our wedded-bliss-must-have-gifts. And then came Ruby and we realized a larger pad was definitely in order.

When my parents were ready to sell our current hand-me-down we jumped at the chance. Knowing that we could change our house but not our location or property we felt we could make this a house we love. And that's when it started.

Before we knew it we were tearing out carpet, ripping off wallpaper, painting, spackling and everything in between. It was a whirlwind of a month before we moved in. I wish I had been more on top of things when we moved in and really documented our changes -- but alas I was not. So starting a year and a half late -- here I begin our transformations.....with more to come!

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Jessica Morris said...

I made it! I read through all your posts.
AMAZING! I love the modge podge paint idea and think I have told a dozen people about it over the last couple days :) So excited to try it myself sometime!!

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