Tuesday, May 11, 2010

For your ENTER-tainment

Foyer, Entry, Vestibule, Narthex, Receiving Area, Mud Room

So many words.....such a WONDERFUL space!  Having a place where you can leave your coats, boots, mittens, scarves (can you tell we live in Minnesota!?!), dog leashes, keys and anything else that comes through the door is  a MUST for us.  It not only helps us stay organized and keeping things "in their place", but it also keeps most of the outside dirt away from the living area of our house.  We've also found it's a great place for our guests to leave their shoes, coats and diaper bags.

Our ever-so-loved entryway is also our mud room -- it hold our front door and our door to the garage.  This means there are some definite must-haves in the over-used space:

Bench (for a comfy place to lace up our shoes)
Baskets (one of each of us -- even Rubes!)
Hooks (perfect when guests are here)
Mirror (for that last "do-I-look-presentable-enough?" glance before your out the door)
Bowl (a great catch-all for keys, sunglasses and whatever else you need to grab before you leave)

And my absolute favorite part of our entryway?  THE PICTURES!!  Why not make the first thing you see when you get home remind you of how wonderful home is??  And pictures of our family and friends does just that. 

So here you have it, a mini-tour of our foyer:

Welcome!  The first thing you see when you enter our home is the faces of our wonderful family and friends; plus a mirror, baskets, bench and decorative pillows (more on that later).

Double doors to a walk in closet -- another plus of an entry-ish room.  Above the door is my one-year anniversary gift to my hubby -- more on that "how-to" in a later post.

Definitely a must-have in a mud-room -- a place to sit! (another how-to for another day is the ruffle pillow)

My sweet brother made me this bowl in his high school pottery class -- it is the most functional bowl in our house!

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