Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Lowdown on our Entryway Details:

Our entryway was filled with so many fun projects.  So here's a little sharing love for you on my how-to's:
RUFFLE PILLOW: Curious about our super-chic ruffle pillow?  Head over to Kelly+Olive's blog for the how-to:   Ruffle Pillow

LETTER ART: Next on the list is our Letter Art -- another DIY of ours.  Sorry -- not a whole lot of DIY pictures here -- but a little explaining:

This was such a fun project to complete -- hunting for letters in everyday objects was like a DIY scavenger hunt!  I wanted to get Kevin a paper gift for our one year anniversary -- and this was my bright idea (and all in our gift-budget!).

(in alphabetical order)
C - an arch in a building near our house
E - Ruby's puppy gate
E - candle stand
K - a mailbox stand
K - nutmegs in some cocoa powder
L - end table leg
R - the swirl on a chandelier light fixture

Believe it or not once you start looking it's so easy to find letters -- so be creative!

BASKET GOODIES:  Walk time is a VERY exciting time at our house, which means there is not time to rummage through our closet to find leashes, treats and doggie bags -- when the word "walk" leaves our lips it's time to go!  So here's our solution to beat the "where did I put that?" shuffle:

In our woven basket we have 1) all our leashes in one spot; 2) an old dishtowel for messy paws; 3) treats and 4) our doggy bag (old newspaper bags) dispenser modified from A Pretty Cool Life's Plastic Bag Holder.

And Rubes loves it!

PICTURE WALL:  I am crazy-obsessed with family and friend pictures -- especially old ones.  And that's whey our photo collage is in our entryway -- I couldn't think of a more welcoming way to enter my house than to see the smiling faces of my family and friends.  And here's the how-to on this little project:

My SIL was fabulous enough to get me some black frames for Christmas one year to add to my already-growing collection.  Kevin and I picked out some of our old favorites and most-recent pictures and had them printed.  Next comes the tedious part....

I layed all the frames out on the floor and made a square outline with the larger frames as corner anchors.  I then filled it in and believe me -- I had to rearrange it several times.  

My trustee adhesive of choice?  Minnesota-local 3M's Command Adhesive (coupon here).  They were amazing -- plus I didn't have to put holes in my freshly painted walls -- a bonus!

BOWL:  As I mentioned in an earlier post, my brother made me this bowl in a high school pottery class.  It is the perfect size for little things that come through the door; such as keys, sunglasses and change.  

I am loving this bowl from Target right now:

3 Hand-Me-Downers Shared: said...

I love the letters (framed) I have wanted to do this forever! I don't "see" the letters anywhwere. thanks so much for explaining which each of yours was! I always think I'm going to carry my camera everywhere (just in case) but even if I had my camera with me, I wouldn't see them.
It looks like you're putting together a very pretty home!

One Girl said...

Why have I never noticed the bowl? Where is it?

Amanda said...

Oops! Missed a picture in there -- that's the bowl I want, not the one I have. :)

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