Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Initial Projects - Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom transformation really happened in two phases; pre-non-working blinds and post-non- working blinds.

The first phase was part of our initial move-in & redo period.  We went to town ripping up carpet and painting even more than we ever wanted to.  Below is the only decent before picture I could find (now I'm definitely wishing I had been more diligent with documenting!)  Kevin is showing off his awesome taping job.  Which is pretty much how life was for the next month....he taped and I painted.

I actually felt a little bad painting over the hand-stenciling in our room -- but it really had to go!   This room was really just a "shave and haircut".  We didn't tackle anything too crazy here (although we're always dreaming of future major DIY projects for the space).

The master bathroom got a little makeover too -- Kevin added a new light fixture to the sink area and we put in tile floors (over linoleum) and updated the recessed light and plumbing fixtures.

These are the "in the middle" pictures -- new tile floor before paint on the left and the right is the new light fixture with the new paint before we hunt the mirror.

And (cue drumroll) the afters.....

The temporary finished project of our room was one we were happy with.  My love for blue and brown has only become increasingly obsessive over the years -- I seriously can't get enough of it.  Kevin has to direct me to other color pallets more often that not.  I finagled these lovely valances for a mere $10.00 a piece at JC Penney when they were having a marvelous sale.

And the best thing was that they hid the beauteous pink aluminum slat blinds.   Although they lovely pink blinds did their job of blocking out light they added that rosy tint to our blue room that was less than flattering.  We wanted to get more modern blinds that were light blocking, but after pricing them out we decided we'd make do with our pinkies until we absolutely couldn't......

Which was not long.  Sadly, the cord did break one day when I was opening them. (Even though Kevin says I broke them on purpose just to get new ones....I promise I consciously didn't!)  So my next little viewing treat is embarrassing to say the least (excuse my mess!), but it is our "second before" picture:

Being the resourceful 3M-grand-baby that I am I held those blinds together with some of the most powerful tape out there.  Until finally it was time to fix those puppies and get something a little more adult -- we are grown up after all!

So here's the finale of our room (although I'm sure it will change again):

Although I'm in L-O-V-E with blue and brown, I love that we brought in some orange and goldish hues.  Coming up this week is my roman-shade DIY, drape-making, storage for small bedrooms (in case you couldn't tell ours is itty-bitty) and some of the money-saving delights we came across while DIYing our master bedroom and bathroom.

Okay, just one more look......ahhhhhhh

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