Friday, May 7, 2010

The Initial Projects - The Kitchen

Before we delve into the nitty gritty of our kitchen -- I should forewarn you there will eventually be another post on this with the MAJOR transformation.  And here's the reason:

While we would love to have our dream kitchen today (er, a year ago) we are firm believers in saving up until we can splurge rather than charge it and pay for it during the year to come.  So, our saved up little nest-egg went to our initial projects -- things like flooring, paint, and fixtures which we knew would be more difficult to do when our furniture was moved in.  So we are still plugging away at our savings for our kitchen makeover.

Now, on to the good stuff!  Our small kitchen got the same flooring and paint the living room received, plus we added new hardware to the cabinets and a few new light fixtures.  And here begins the whirlwind of our transformations:

The infamous "BEFORE" picture.  Some small things to note are the light fixtures, flooring and wallpaper.

Here's my handsome hubby installing our new light fixture -- with some words of wisdom from my dad.  I will make a note here that we had never so much as changed a door knob, let a lone a light fixture before we started this project.  So even if you are not a pro DIYer yet, reading directions and researching online can really help you get the job done.  Another disclaimer when doing light fixtures: PLEASE make sure the power to the light you are working on is off at the switchbox.

I just had to throw this one in -- this is the mess I was talking about.  Obviously we aren't the most organized when it comes to major don't lead by our example.

And here is what I'll call the "intermission picture".  It's our "done for now."  But we'll revisit this in the future.  We're hoping to tackle this project within the next year.

Just imagine with me; ceiling height white cabinets with brushed nickel hardware and hidden hinges, dark granite/quartz counter tops, stainless steel appliances, a beautiful farmhouse sink with new faucet, and to finish it off a lovely built-in bookshelf for the end of our island. New kitchen you're only a year away!

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