Thursday, May 13, 2010

Craigslist Makeover

So one of my favorite things (as I mentioned earlier) is a good makeover -- I love seeing amazing transformations.  In fact I absolutely cannot stop watching TV mid way through a DIY show if I haven't seen the end product -- I must see the "after!"

So here is my Before & After turned furniture blunder:

 We scored this secretary desk off of Craigslist for only $70.00!  It is solid oak and a VERY solid piece.  Long story short I didn't realize just how large this furniture was and well, we ended up having to make two trips (luckily only 15 minutes away!) to pick up the bottom piece and then the top piece.  I should say at this point I probably should have realized that this furniture would be HUGE in our little house -- but I was just to excited to make over my steal!

The next two weeks of my life was spent sanding, sanding, sanding.  I have never sanded so much in my life.  (NOTE:  It's always a good idea to have a mask over your mouth and nose during sanding since most of the time we have no idea what kind of finish is on it and if it contains lead or what-not).  

Finally the time came to stain and varnish the beastly furniture -- much more fun than sanding!

Other little things that had to be done were replacing the hardware and fixing the hinges on the drop down desk.  (I was quite proud I figured that one out myself!)  I ended up painting the inside black (okay I'll admit I was running out of steam and wanted to get it done).

Ready for the finished project..............

I loved how it turned first.
But as I continued to look at this ginormous boxy furniture I felt like it just didn't fit our house very well.  It seemed a little out of place and I didn't really have another spot for it.  So back on Craigslist it went.

It sold the first day and we made a little bit back on the sell, so that money will go into a new piece of furniture....whatever it may be!

Back to square one finding some fabulous piece of furniture for this now bare little spot.  Tune in Monday and I may will have the reveal for you!

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Anonymous said...

That make over was FABULOUS! I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to buy it.

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

It's gorgeous! Sorry it didn't work out for your home as planned.

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