Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today we thought we'd share with you what your yard has looked like over the past fifteen years.....because we changed it again this past weekend.  We were playing the role of lumberjacks....cutting down and tearing out trees, bushes, shrubs and plants to let the light into our front yard again.  

This is the day our little hand-me-down went on the market in 1995.
This was like a completely clean slate --- and empty yard.

Several years later after some major landscaping and garage additions, my dad took this photo from the same place as the previous photo.  (Looks to me like this might be during the "Wild Flower Garden Gone Wrong" phase).

And here we are shortly before the hand-me-down was handed down....a beautiful fall day -- oh the changes this house will see:

Here's a picture from the same spot with our new mini-retaining wall.. and cleaned up a bit from the last picture (Spring 2010).

Now that it's summer the foliage has filled in and our house is hidden.....time for a change.....

Now for our latest tree-cutting, shrub-pulling, weed-whacking project: 

Trees, shrubs and weeds are gone!  There will definitely be an additional post like this one in the future...we just haven't decided what we want to do with the plants in front quite yet.

Here's another look at the front before and after:

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