Friday, May 21, 2010

Framed Letter Friday

HOPEfully you're back for another Framed Letter Friday!

Here's the lettered-fun this week:

As always, feel free to take a wild guess as to what these little letters may be from.  We'll do a reveal later on today with the bigger picture of each letter.  Like I said in my earlier post about our Entryway Details once you start looking for letters in objects they sort of pop out at you.

I would love to share these (without the watermark) with anyone who may want them for their house or blog!  If you use them on your blog a link back is always appreciated!  Happy Snapping!!

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Becca at One Girl said...

Is it cheating if I play... I don't know *for sure* what everything is but I'm gonna play...

H- a picture frame on it's side?
O - something on a basket?
P - your napkin holder!
E - a cord?

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